Quality with less money?!

Quality with less money?!


Almost all of us have complained or heard our friends and relatives say, “I want to buy a good watch, but they are just too expensive for my pocket. How can a simple watch be so expensive?!”

This is a reasonable question, and often from the buyer's point of view, we try to answer such as "Yes, they are good watches, that’s they cost more". Meanwhile, if we were to ask an expert in the field or a person who is passionate about watches, we would get a completely different answer. To sum it up in a single sentence, the answer would be "Regardless of the components that can be used when producing a watch, it can never cost as much as the car you are using". In this certain answer, several factors are involved.

Initially, we must always remember that the price of a watch can never be more than 3 digits. Whether using precious stones, high-quality materials or world-renowned designers, this is simply impossible. Consequently, the price cannot be unaffordable for the better part of the population.

Secondly, we are all gearing up for worldwide brands, this is a fact. If we were to make a choice, we would go for a watch with a good name in the market. And this is normal! But it is with this inconsiderate choice that we put ourselves at a price that’s responsible for most of the cost we pay in the end. The good name of these popular brands is in most cases responsible for about 70% of the price, if not more.

Lastly, we must bear in mind that well-known brands with many years of experience have a large number of processes for bringing a watch to the buyer. They pay third parties, transport, distributors, intermediaries, outdated marketing structures, rentals, high salaries brokerage staff, and high taxes that only increase costs and consequently, price. So they find it difficult to keep themselves away from the more expensive watches that are the traditional ones. This is because, ultimately, it is the buyer who will pay the better part in all the scenarios. Meanwhile, new brands that have embraced technological developments have eliminated all these costs by selling online, where the product goes directly from manufacturer to consumer without those unbearable costs, giving the buyer a guarantee that leaves no room for doubt.

So, what we really buy from an expensive watch is the good name and the logo. The theory we rely on most of us as buyers falls short as some new and popular brands create the same quality watches with the same quality and the same specialists in the field, but at prices sometimes more economical.

It is time to break the urban myths and legends.

Quality comes with less money!