1. What payment methods are available?


-PayPal Express Checkout

-Apple Pay

2. How long does shipping/delivery take?

 -Shipping/Delivery all over the world takes 3-5 days.

 3. Is there Warranty?

-Enzo Attini grants a 10 years international warranty for each watches.

4. Is the watchband and the case gold-plated?

-Yes, they are plated with 18 Karat gold, with a dimension value of the 1- micron thickness.

 5. Is the watch for men or women?

-The design and size of 40 millimeters for the watch are carefully studied and created to be suitable for both genders, and thus it’s unisex. 

6. Is there a certificate for the watch?

Every Enzo Attini watch comes with a Warranty Certificate as well as a unique Serial Number engraved on the back case of the watch; the Serial number is linked to the name and surname of the buyer.   

 7. Are the watches original?

For greater assurance over your purchase, we advise you to order Enzo Attini watches only from our official online stores:

In order to verify the authenticity of your watch, you can sent us an email, including the model of the watch and its unique Serial Number (on the back case), to info@enzoattini.com.  The Company will confirm whether your watch is authentic.

8. Are the watches water-resistant?

Yes, all models of our Enzo Attini collection are water- resistant up to 50 ATM.

Nonetheless, we suggest you keep the watch away from humidity since this is a luxury watch which you can hand over to the next generation. 


For more information, refer to the table below:

9. Why Enzo Attini?

10. What is the material of bracelets?

Bracelets are made of stainless, 316 L, gold-plated 18 Karats, of 1-micron thickness.

11. What is the material of sunglasses?

The frame consists of Cellulose Acetate made of  stainless metal 316 L, whereas the glasses are polycarbonate and without polarization. 

12. Is there any warranty for Enzo Attini sunglasses and bracelets?

 The longevity of our sunglasses and bracelets is closely related to the manner of using them, therefore we give no warranty .  However, we assure you we have done our best in our capacity to offer you the highest quality possible.