Luxury watches with an Italian design and Swiss movement seem to be a high commodity in our day and age.  Many brands advertise “low-cost” luxury design watches by claiming to “cut the middleman,” “eliminate manufacturer markup,” and sell luxury watches “directly” to the consumers.  However, advertising luxury watches at lower prices and actually producing them are two different things.  Many brands simply sell basic watches with Japanese Movement and pass them as affordable luxury watches.  Watches with Italian Design and Swiss Movement have prices that are 4-5 times higher than their basic counterparts.  These watches cost sometimes more than $1000 ...

 It seems that only elite brands can produce luxury watches, which they sell at overpriced rates.  We firmly believe that affordable luxury watches should be within the means of our customers.  Despite widespread skepticism about luxury watches being produced at affordable prices, we decided to conduct our own research into the field and meet up with a friend of ours who works as a designer of famous Italian watches. We also visited three of the most well known Swiss Movement production factories and distributors in Switzerland.  Our research confirmed our intuition that the cost of production for luxury watches is actually 4-5 times lower than what famous brands sell them for. 

 We realized that famous brands sell their names rather than their products: thus, they control the luxury watch industry and market. Therefore, we decided to create our own brand, ENZO ATTINI, which offers authentic luxury watches at affordable price rates starting form $199.  The watches are designed by Italian artisans and the back case of every watch features a different and singular engraving of some of the most iconic places of Italy, wherefrom the model of the watch draws its inspiration. Our watches have inside  the best Swiss Movement ( Ronda & Sellita).

Our attention to the smallest details gives life to our watches! The watch straps are made one by one by our masters and are genuine Italian leather.

                  Every Enzo Attini watch has a story to tell!